Our team

Meet the people behind the ghosts

Alex Lundquist


Alex has played a wide variety of games over the years, from the very first Spyro to the Elder Scrolls series to Castlevania and many more. By far the genre he has logged the most hours in, though, is strategy, and he was very excited to join our team in working on Strategeist. Before joining the team, Alex obtained a bachelor's degree in physics and worked as a marketing freelancer for a few small indie studios.

Alex has worked on setup and gameplay related tasks including research, spec writing, scripting, and QA as well as contributed to design and marketing.

In his free time he enjoys videogaming, taking walks downtown, and playing Magic the Gathering.                

Ana Vilar

2D Artist

Ana received her bachelor's degree in graphic arts production and design and worked as an illustration freelancer before joining the team.

On Strategeist, she set the artistic tone of the game with concept art and brought the game to life with technical artwork on the 2D art interfaces

She hails from Portugal and enjoys drawing, playing video games, and watching anime. You can see her personal work in her portfolio 

Anu Pakanati


Anu has been a software developer for many years and has had the fortune to serve in a variety of roles in a variety of fields.

Strategeist has been his brainchild for many years and if you get cornered by him and he begins to babble about ghosts, it's safest to back away slowly and avoid eye contact.

Gabor Gombor


Gabor has worked professionally as a game programmer for many years.

On Strategeist, Gabor helped develop some of our core structure and technology decisions as we explored several engines, worked on much of the game logic, and did some of the less glorious but still crucial administrative and setup work behind the scenes.

In his personal life, Gabor has two daughters and has many hobbies including mountain biking, synthesizing music, scuba diving, geocaching, watching movies, and reading books.

Jorge Martins


Jorge has worked in web, mobile, and general software development.

He has contributed greatly to the graphical quality of Strategeist dealing with everything from the user interface to the the joys of procedural mesh components and the arcane arts of shaders.

Born in Portugal, he has recently moved to the United Kingdom to experience new cultures. He loves traveling and reading books.

Mark Koleszar


Markus is a shameless perfectionist and chronic student. Not having suffered enough having completed a BSc and MSc in computer science, he moved to Reykjavik to persue an MSc in Geology. He is also the mastermind behind EU3's Whole World mod, EU4's Realistic Map Generator, and Civ V's Tectonic map script.

On Strategeist, he has been single-handedly responsible for creating the map division and much of the initial scenario setup.

Markus loves playing soccer, squash, volleyball, and many other things involving spherical objects. Of course, he also enjoys playing strategy games that have maps in them. Other hobbies include reading, cooking, hiking, photography, and avoiding social situations.

Ajay Choudhary

3D Artist

Ajay created several of the 3D models used in Strategeist.

Ricardo Catarino

3D Artist

Ricardo provided several of the 3D models, rigging, animations as well as the CGI part of the trailer.

Sean Beeson


Sean is the extremely talented composer behind the music in Strategeist. Check out his studio page