A grand strategy game where you play a national spirit and lead your country to glory.

Manage war, diplomacy, technology, economy, internal politics, and more to secure your fame!

Haunt the halls of history!

Discover how you would use unearthly powers to dominate the world!

Govern Wisely

Pick government policies, but consider the opposition.

Recruit the Best

After all, you don't need any more idiots by your side.

Respond to Current Events

When unexpected issues arise, you must weigh the political consequences and take sides.

Make Nice with your Neighbors

Well-thought diplomacy can settle disputes and increase your security. When that fails, there's always the stick.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

The world is a busy place. Watch out for your enemies and your "friends" alike.

Play your Best Hand

Rulers provide bonuses and penalties throughout your empire. Make the best use of your position!

Navigate Byzantine Politics

Institutions have their own agendas and might not care for yours.

Improve Your Lands

Build up your territory to cement your hold on power.


  • Build a nation in a world teeming with nomadic tribes, bustling cities, thrifty merchants, brilliant scientists, and upstart kings.
  • Explore a beautiful 3D spherical globe with over 5000 territories, suitable for the most maniacal of conquerors.
  • Rewrite history for one of more than one thousand countries over two centuries.
  • Manage internal politics and navigate relations with internal factions as well as current issues.
  • Develop your economy and found cities, develop trade routes, and expand infrastructure.
  • Conduct diplomacy to improve your security and advance your goals.
  • Advance technology to increase your strength.
  • Experience an original soundtrack over one hour long.
  • Recruit talented people to further your civilization.
  • Unleash armies and navies to flatten your foes.